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Your Online CV And How To Get It To The Top Of The Pile

You may have the required skill set, qualifications and experience for an advertised vacancy, but does your CV successfully reflect your suitability? Here are a few tips to ensure your CV lands on the top of the pile next time you apply for a position:

  • Stay current. Make sure your online profile is complete. Provide as much information about yourself as possible so a potential new boss knows exactly who you are and what makes you tick. Check your CV is up to date, and do that regularly, topping it up with any new information on, say, public speaking, awards or new publications. If you have been shortlisted by an employer, they will be alerted every time you update your CV.
  • Link it all up. The joy of online job hunting is you can include plenty of web links in your CV such as your LinkedIn Profile, past company websites and online references.
  • Re-location re-location. The majority of the employers who are using our website are looking for people who might be willing to relocate. Have a good think about whether this applies to you, and if it might, tick that box!
  • Be specific. Remember that employers will be using the search tool to find the ideal candidate. Maximise your chances of getting to the top of the pile by selecting all the specialties that apply to you when filling out your profile, rather than using the ‘other’ box, as it’s unlikely employers will be searching for ‘other’ as a specialty.
  • Match up the keywords. Check the keywords you use in both your CV and your personal summary, as both of these are picked up when an employer searches. Check through the job advertisements and job descriptions of positions you are interested in, and make sure they match the words in your personal summary and CV.
  • Be visible. Make sure your CV is searchable by ticking the box on your profile page.  Of course, the option is there to make your CV invisible to employers in case you are worried about a current employer seeing your profile. Remember though – these days, it’s fairly customary to have an online employment profile, even if you are not actively seeking a new job.

Looking to test this theory? Go and amend your CV and submit your CV it to our database online. Apply for Jobs Now!