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Expatriate & Local Insurance Zimbabwe


Expatriate & Local Insurance Zimbabwe

To be the best in your industry you need to secure the best people and skills.

To be the best in your industry you need to secure the best people and skills.

It has become difficult to attract and secure the best people and skills, as companies are not only forced to increase the pay rates offered, but the potential new hire additionally will look to see what benefits are being offered. One of the most important of those being the insurance coverage offered.

Africa has some of the most difficult countries in which to work, with countries like Zimbabwe having one of the highest malaria rates in Africa.

Additionally, our employees work in some of the most remote locations, both on and offshore. Ensuring that your employees have a tried and tested medical evacuation policy makes all the difference when accidents happen.

The Employ Africa Group on a regular basis meets with various insurance companies, healthcare providers, and medical evacuation companies who are the leaders in their respective fields. We want to ensure that all our contractors/employees have access to the best insurance, evacuation, and medical coverage in the remote and hostile environments in which they regularly work.

This offering can be taken as a standalone package or can be utilised in conjunction with any of our other service offerings.

The Cover Includes


Casualty evacuation and medical insurance


Benefits paid in the event of death


Benefits paid in the event of temporary or permanent total disablement.


Tropical Diseases Extension


1 Year extension – to carry on treatment in their home country.

leave extension

Leave Extension

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