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Employ Africa Increases African Footprint

Almost 6 months have passed since our last official newsletter, and in this time our African footprint has grown, with companies now in Angola, Mozambique, Kenya and South Africa

We have started playing in a completely new arena and competing on a global scale with international competitors. We have also formed alliances with one of the biggest globally recognised recruitment and contractual manpower firms, making us the leading choice for manpower project solutions in Africa.

As part of our campaign to increase our African footprint, we are currently in the process of setting up in Gabon, where the demand has grown astronomically over the past year. Although there is a lot of red tape, and it is one of the more difficult countries in Africa for us to set up shop, it is an exciting place in Africa to have a presence as opportunities are plentiful. Experience has shown that the greater the challenge, the sweeter the success in the end.

Mozambique is booming at the moment with new projects on the go everywhere we look. The award for the construction of the trains for the Anadarko gas project in the north has been pushed until October this year. Big companies such as Bechtel, Fluor and the CCS JV are all in the bid to win the contract.

Goss & Balfe, one of our main clients in Mozambique are also having a great year. They have just been awarded a new 10 month contract with Sasol in Temane, in addition to their project in Beira that will also soon be going into full swing. Nacala is soon to been completed. The strength of these projects shows the quality of their work. Their exceptional service is being recognised by key players in industry and they are becoming a real force to be reckoned with in the Mozambican market.

Angola is still one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. We recently returned from an extremely successful business development trip. We are currently in final negotiation with three new clients, who are almost desperate for South African, or should I say SADC (Southern African Development Community) skills.

The EMPLOY AFRICA brand has also gone through some changes. We have restructured our business which has bought about the birth of the Employ Africa Group of companies. All our operations in Africa are wholly owned entities of the Employ Africa Group. Our vision is to become the “Globally preferred provider of manpower project solutions in Africa” and our Mission is to “Provide Manpower project solutions to industry in Africa to ensure growth and sustainability.”