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The Oil And Gas Summit And How It Affects You

I have literally lived out of my suitcase over the last month. I attended, exhibited and gave a presentation at the Middle East and Africa Oil & Gas conference in Abu Dhabi, thereafter not even 5 days later, I was in Cape town doing it all over again for the Africa Oil and Gas conference at the V& A waterfront.

In between all of this there have been trips up to Mozambique and Johannesburg, meeting with clients and finalising agreements in order for us to supply them with all their required resources. As of today we are sitting with 68 vacancies ranging from contracts in Angola, to Mozambique, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. (Click here to view our current vacancies).

In light of all of this, I can say things are really looking good. We have literally watched Africa jump out of the slump from a year ago, in terms of the job market. There are new projects commencing all over East and Southern Africa and this will increase substantially over the next 5 years. This is an exciting time for the Oil & Gas industry in Africa.

My presentation, “The employment status in East and Southern Africa”, was well received across the board in both Abu Dhabi and Cape Town, where I discussed some of the biggest challenges that companies will face when working in Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.

One of the areas I addressed at the Oil and Gas conference was skills shortages specifically in the Oil & Gas arenas. I also addressed the issues of local to expat ratios, local training and development, and unions and strikes.

Employ Africa is working hard to ensure we are fully entrenched in the East African Oil & Gas explosion. With our strong background and experience in the Oil & Gas industry, we are sure to succeed.