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There are some key elements that you need to be aware of when putting together your CV.

It’s not as simple as it looks, and small things that you may not even notice, or you think are harmless, could well be jeopardising your chances of finding your ultimate job.

1. How professional is your email address?

So, just how professional is your email address? Remember to leave your private life at the door when applying for a job. Email addresses like or are not going to put you in a good light when your CV lands on the desk of the Hiring manager.

Stick to to ensure that you are not jeapordising your chances of success.

2.  Stolen Identity?

Putting your ID number on your CV can result in identity theft.  If you think about it, your entire life is on your CV, how easy would it be to steal your identity and use it inappropriately.

This is why we highly recommended that you don’t put your ID number on your CV.  This is information that can be made available to the hiring manager on request later down the recruitment process.

3.  Spell Check Spell Check Spell Check?

What is a little Typo here and there? Who will notice right? WRONG!!

Don’t ever assume that grammar and spelling don’t matter on your CV. Make sure you go through your CV with a fine tooth comb. Not bothering to check these types of mistakes may look like you don’t pay attention to detail. Someone who is sloppy with their CV may just as well be sloppy in the work environment, and no one likes a slack employee!

4.  Start Back to Front?

Hiring managers often have many CVs that they have to get through. Make sure that you put your most recent work experience first and work backwards from there. Don’t leave any gaps. Even if you were unemployed for a few months, add in that you were looking for work during that stage of your life.

5.  Contact details on every page of your CV?

Ensure that your contact details are on every page of your CV. The best way to ensure this is to put your name, telephone number and email address in the footer of your CV. This way, the front page of your CV ever get separated from the rest or goes missing, a hiring manager will still be able to get in touch with you.