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10 Things To Never Do In A Job Interview

1. NEVER be late

Arriving late at an interview shows disrespect and inconsideration, and weakens the first impression you give. If you cannot arrive on time for an interview, how can your future employer trust you to arrive on time for work every day?

2. NEVER under-dress

Under-dressing for an interview undermines an Employer’s first impression of you.  It is always better to be over-dressed rather than under-dressed. Dressing smart but conservative is the safest bet.

3. NEVER arrive unprepared

Conducting research on your future employer as well as the responsibilities of the position you are interviewing for, will prove your genuine interest.  With Company websites, Google and LinkedIn, there is no excuse for arriving unprepared.

4. NEVER badmouth your current or past employers

Use tact and discretion when discussing bad experiences with current or past employers.  Be politically correct as you never know who the interviewer personally knows at your past company.

5. NEVER underestimate your body language

Always walk tall and give a firm handshake to your interviewer.  Ensure you are aware of your posture and movements during the interview as your body language can reveal your nervousness.  Relax and focus on the questions and issues presented by the interviewer.

6. NEVER forget your manners

Be polite, behave respectfully and use correct etiquette.  Remember to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you during, as well as after the interview.

7. NEVER forget your CV

Do not assume the interviewer has a copy of your CV even if you were selected for an interview based on your CV.  Take two neatly printed copies as well as copies of your qualifications.

8. NEVER bring a bad CV

An out of date and badly set-out CV will work against you. Ensure your CV has enough detail but is not too long, is set out in an easy-to-read format, and is structured in a way that highlights your key skills and experience.

9. NEVER forget to ask questions

An interview is not a one-way inquisition.  The purpose of an interview is for both the employer and the candidate to determine if there is a good match between the job’s requirements and the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities.  Prepare questions in advance.

10. NEVER use your cellphone

Never answer a call or read a message during an interview.  Rather turn your cellphone off before your interview. Do no put it on silent or vibrate, turn it off completely.  This will ensure you are not distracted and that you do not interrupt the interviewer.