Wihann van der Merwe

Business Development Manager


Wihann has a technical and specialised background in sales, labour and recruitment.
His current role as Business Development Manager at Employ Africa involves him bringing in new clients from the engineering and construction sectors.
Wihann is focussed on building a new client base as well as venturing into new projects and territories.
With a flair for finding the gaps in the labour market, Wihann is able to provide his clients with solutions to their labour problems by providing scarce, specialised and highly skilled professionals. His clients are always kept up to speed with market trends.

Wihann is strong in sales and understanding the current trends in the market. He ensures he is knowledgeable in certain business sectors to ensure comprehensive and the most efficient service to his clientele.

He has Quality background experience in recruiting third party AIA authorised inspection authorities. He also has sound experience in setting up SHEQ departments.