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Employment Services


Employ Africa offers project specific solutions in the form of temporary employment.

We understand how a company’s resourcing requirements will change throughout a project lifecycle. As a result we are able to offer contracting solutions to fit your project needs.

We have the capacity and experience of managing all levels and quantities of manpower requirements. To date we have not encountered a project too big or to small to handle.

For our clients outside of South Africa, our biggest value-add is our logistics benefits such as visa acquisition, travel logistics, expat rotation and administration.

Our dedicated recruitment team are able to match the project skills requirement to experienced labour in the required field. Once the temporary employees are on site, we also provide dedicated site agents who ensure that all staff are working to the required performance standards. They also assist in resolving any manpower issues that may be affecting the smooth running of the project.

Employ Africa provide a holistic, robust solution to contractual manpower allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

To all our clients around the world, as we approach the festive season, we made this video for you facebook.com/EmployAfrica/v…