Farewell to an Icon as 2013 draws to a close

Farewell to an Icon as 2013 draws to a close

The last 2 weeks of November and the beginning of December 2013 have definitely been a busy period. You would think that businesses would be slowing down for the festive season, but it is the complete opposite. We have been attending meeting after meeting with clients in respect of start-up of projects for the beginning of 2014. I knew there was a lot on the horizon for 2014, but every day it is getting bigger and better.

I have been speaking with a lot of businesses and many of them have not had the best year in 2013 as they had previously hoped. A lot of projects were shelved in 2013 only to be factored into the budget for 2014. This has had a large impact of businesses across the board as large capital investment projects have a trickle-down effect to your smaller businesses.


I mentioned last month that we would be attending the Africa Oil Week that was held at the Cape Town ICC. If  I use one word to describe it, the word would be brilliant. We met so many new players that are entering the African market, and the good news is even though they will be working in Africa they want to put their head offices in Cape Town.

I truly believe that Cape Town is going to be the place to be for all companies wanting to do business in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors. Cape Town already does have a buzz in this regard, but I see a large scale investment into Cape Town from some of the major players in these industries..

Our Work with Goss & Balfe and Aveng has exploded in Mozambique, from the Rail project for Vale to the BP projects in Ncala and Beira. We have even tendered on some work with Rio Tinto, so we are very excited about the outcome on that.

Kenya is looking promising as well, with more and more international companies setting up operations. Every time I look, we are speaking with a new client that is breaking into the East African Market.

Whenever you operate in a third world country, there are risks involved, which luckily we have, in the most part, managed to avoid so far. My Financial Director almost ended up in a terrible situation in South Sudan. Fortunately his meeting got delayed, as had it not, he would have been stuck right now in the middle of the coup. If you are following the story on the news, no one is actually sure what is going on, just that they have sanctioned for the violence that has broken out and all flights in and out have been cancelled.

We lost a great South African Icon this month, and the country has been in mourning. To Tata, Employ Africa thank you for all you have done for South Africa. We will never forget you.

This is our last E-zine for 2013, I wish you and your family all the best over the festive season. Be safe.

Best Regards,
Brendan Boyers
Managing Director

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