Employer of Record (EOR)

As Employer of Record we take the responsibility of all formal employment tasks.


As your Employer of record (EOR) we would assume the legal responsibilities of employing your employees to decrease complexities and risks associated with HR functions, Payroll confidentiality and paying employees in their home countries. The Employ Africa Group would become the primary employer of your employees on paper.  Our Employer of record (EOR) service keeps your business compliant and helps when expanding into Africa, where regulations surrounding benefits and taxes can become extremely complicated.


The Employ Africa Group standing as your Employer of record (EOR) can also give you access to new African markets, whilst providing your employees with the best insurance coverage in Africa, making sure that any accidents and/or medical requirements are dealt with that saves lives, in some of the harshest places in Africa.


Our Employer of Record services remove the need for Local Incorporation of your business, making significant saving on both time and money. Employ Africa has the relevant software for payroll, local knowledge for immigration and teams that cover compliance for tax and Labour laws.


The choice to proceed with our Employer of Record (EOR) services differs from client to client.(removed repetition). Here is a list of why some of our clients have chosen our Employer of Record (EOR) Services;


  • Tax compliance
  • Our In-Country Legal Presence that gives them piece of mind of continued compliance with the every changing employment and tax laws.
  • Payroll and Payroll Confidentiality. ( Also view our African Payroll Services )
  • Sponsoring of work permit and/or work visas.
  • Our Insurance coverage, coupled with our medevac and Group accident policy. ( Also view our Expatriate and local Insurance )
  • Our HR knowledge that ensures compliance and peace of mind.
  • Correct advice on notice periods, termination rules and severance pay.
  • GDPR @ Data Compliant.


Our goal is to offer you affordable, compliant services in Africa, that allows your teams to focus on your business, whilst we deploy your staff legally and efficiently.


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