Contract Management

contract and contractor management services

Supply of personnel / Recruitment

Employ Africa shall provide the Client with suitably qualified and experienced temporary employees to render services at the premises, offices and/or sites of the Client in accordance with the needs stipulated by the Client, in writing.

  • Employ Africa to ensure that pre-employment checks are carried in respect of experience, training, qualifications and any relevant or necessary authorisation are true and accurate.
  • The Client shall be entitled to conduct interviews with prospective temporary employees to ascertain their suitability and shall not be liable in any way for the rejection of any potential temporary employee, nor any costs incurred by any party in attending interviews.
  • Should the client provide Employ Africa with suitably qualified and experienced temporary employees and themselves take ownership/ responsibility for point 1.1 above, a reduction in the management fees will apply.


Manpower Costings

Supply the client a comprehensive overview of all costs that are involved in hiring personnel in a country.

Including but not limited to;

  • Employer contributions
  • Leave accruals
  • End of contract pay-outs / Severance

Note – We supply you with the true CTC (Cost to Company)



Onboarding of personnel

  • Employ Africa is responsible for the onboarding of all personnel, including but not limited to;
  • Gathering, collating and compliant storing of all the documents required per the applicable country’s law and in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) at our local office.
  • If these documents are required to be kept onsite, EA will arrange it. Clients need to provide adequate and secure storage on the site for the retention of these documents.
  • Should additional documents be required in accordance with site regulations, EA is to ensure that these are also received from the employees, collated and stored onsite as per point 3.1.2 above.
  • A master copy of all documents is kept on the secure servers of Employ Africa in accordance with GDPR.
  • All transmissions of documents are done in accordance with GDPR and using Safe Fiel Transfer Protocols (SFTP).
  • Employ Africa to ensure that pre-employment checks are carried in respect of Experience, training qualifications and that any relevant or necessary authorisation is true and accurate.
  • Employ Africa assumes all responsibility and liability for the Human Resources management of all temporary employees.
  • Employment contracts
  • Employ Africa is responsible for the drafting, issuance, and management of all country-specific compliant employment contracts that are to be issued to the personnel.
  • Prior to the finalisation of each specific employment contract, a consultation between the client’s HR and the Project managers/designated authority is held to ensure that all the project-specific requirements are known and accordingly recorded as required and within the ambit of the country’s law are recorded. 


Employ Africa assumes all responsibility and liability for the full payroll management of all personnel in the country in which they are working. This includes;

  • Accurate and timely payment of all temporary employees, in accordance with their employment contracts with EA.
  • Accurate and timely payment of all taxes and social security amounts to the respective government authority in the country of work.
  • If the temporary employee(s) are required to work in multiple countries, ensure the client knows the full extent of that taxation liability and guide on best and most cost-effective movement of temporary employee’s (tax residence status & tax at source – Refer to Annexure B, Working in Multiple locations)
  • Leave management
  • Advance requests and management (within reason)
  • Leave & Severance Accruals (optional)
  • We provide the client with the all-inclusive costing, taking into consideration all the local leave provisions and severance requirements (where applicable) as per the legal requirements of the country in which they are working. (Leave Accruals; annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leaves, relevant work permits and entry visa’s etc)

Mobility & Rotation / Staff Planning Management

In conjunction with the client, Employ Africa will draft a staff planning/rotation management schedule.

  • Management of the movement of the personnel;
  • Flights
  • In transit accommodation
  • Site accommodation
  • Meet & Greet

Industrial Relations

Address all labour relations and related matters as the primary responsible party.

Global Pay & Payroll Funding

Dependent on the laws of the country in which they are working, we can generally pay the employees their net salaries in their home countries.

  • Payroll Funding
  • Provide full payroll funding to the client.

Compliance Reviews 

(Monthly, Quarterly And Annually)

Our compliance to local and international laws is of paramount importance to the Employ Africa Group. We conduct compliance reviews on a Monthly, Quarterly and Annual basis. Therefore, ensuring when you work with us, we are always looking after your interests and reputation.

  • Our compliance reviews are conducted on the following elements;
  • Payroll & Tax
  • Immigrations
  • HR & IR
  • Risk and Liability

Contract Management

Provide Management reports to the Client in relation to the services being provided and requested within reasonable time frames;

  • The exact reports and time frames to be agreed with the client at project initiation meeting.

Contract Management Services
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