Contract Management Services

The Employ Africa Group offers specific solutions in the form of Contract management services.

When the Employ Africa Group is appointed by your company, we take responsibility for the following services:


  • Setting up & coordinating interviews – If required we can recruit the required personnel or onboard your pre-identified personnel or existing staff.
  • Employment through our local entity in the respective country in which they are required to work.
  • Manage their full immigration requirements to ensure they are fully compliant in respect of the respective countries immigrations laws
  • Contract management for each employee
  • Administration and payment of statutory levies for each employee in the country in which the work.
  • We ensure that they are fully tax compliant in the country they are working.
  • Rotation / Leave management.
  • Extending and termination of contracts.
  • We manage all HR/IR requirements for our contracted personnel who are seconded to you.  Dealing with all issues related to the conditions of employment in respect of the employment contracts and employee/employer relationship, including, but not limited to:
    • Disciplinary processes (warnings & hearings etc.)
    • Notice periods/dismissals
    • Updating of contracts
  • Site / Country inductions
  • Insurance – all our employees are fully covered under our Group Accident policy throughout Africa, which includes the best Medevac.
  • Accommodation – onsite and whilst in transit
  • Payroll processing in various currencies, as well as offshore salary payments.
  • We can bill in all the countries in which we have offices, thus alleviating any additional withholding tax implications to you and reducing your manpower costs.


We can manage employees who are required to work in multiply locations throughout Africa within very limited time frames. We sign country specific no work, no pay contracts, thus also alleviating having to pay tax in multiple locations, thus saving you and your business significantly on your manpower costs.

We pride ourselves on offering you an excellent service whilst ensuring full compliance is always maintained across Africa.

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