Bevan Carr

Financial Director Employ Africa


Bevan comes from a financial background and has been working at Employ Africa since August 2010. After completing his articles at Mazars in Cape Town, Bevan then spent 5 years at an auditing firm Sizwes Mtsaluba VSP as an audit manager.

He currently is the Financial Director of Employ Africa and Director of CBO Accounting and Tax. Bevan has a strong business sense and a keen eye for opportunity. His strong entrepreneurial spirit and keen eye for detail is one of the reasons that Employ Africa has enjoyed a steady growth rate in its early years.

His vision for Employ Africa is to continue to break new ground and be the benchmark against which all other firms of this nature measure themselves. Bevan maintains that at Employ Africa, clients and people are the firm’s biggest assets. They form the backbone of the organisation, and this is why it is critical to take care of them in the best manner possible.