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Payroll Services

The Employ Africa Group is a Business Partner to VIP Payroll / Sage.

Where required by the client we can provide a comprehensive, fully compliant payroll service which will include the entire payroll administration function including the collection and paying over of taxes and statutory deductions to the relevant government departments.

The Employ Africa Group can also provide your company with a payroll solution that can be tailored to fit your requirements.

Our African payroll services division currently payroll over 2500 employee’s across 18 African countries.

Not all companies are equipped to correctly deal with the complexities of pay rolling expatriates and locals in countries they are not familiar with.

The Employ Africa Group uses state of the art payroll processing software for the completion of the payroll function. We have been operating in Africa using our software for in excess of 8 years.

Through our extensive payroll experience gained in Africa, The Employ Africa Group is well accustomed to the tax and statutory requirements in the various countries within which we operate.

The payroll software is regularly updated to ensure we remain compliant with all regulatory changes in each African country.

We strictly follow these requirements to ensure our company; our clients and our contractors are correctly taxed and receive the correct benefits due to them.

In order to fully understand your organisations unique payroll requirements, Employ Africa will conduct a detailed needs analysis. From there we will be able to structure a competitive pricing package.

Angola   Cameroon Chad Democratic republic of Congo Egypt Ethiopia Equatorial Guinea
Gabon Ghana Guinea (Conakry) Ivory Coast Kenya Lesotho Liberia
Malawi Mali Mauritius Mozambique Namibia Nigeria Rwanda
Senegal Sierra Leone South Sudan South Africa Tanzania Tunisia Uganda

Employ Africa is a Business Partner to VIP Payroll / Sage which is a leading Payroll Software Provider.  VIP has their finger on the pulse of all payroll legislative changes across all the aforementioned countries. As a result we are always one step ahead of our competitors in payroll compliance, eliminating the risks of costly payroll mistakes.

VIP is a payroll solution that can be tailored to fit your business requirements. The software allows the user to run customisable detailed reports that assist business leaders in their decision making processes.  This functionality has the benefit of saving businesses both time and money and enables leaders to focus on their core business while knowing that their payroll is effectively taken care of.

The Employ Africa Group is recruiting a Payroll consultant. lnkd.in/eWPs659