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Common Interview Questions and How to Answer them

Common Interview Questions and how to answer them
Dianne Crofton – Country Manager Mozambique
1. Tell me about yourself?
Keep your answer focused on work-related themes. Mention a few pertinent personal aspects but try keeping these to a minimum unless asked specifically.
2.  Why did you leave your last job?
It is important to be honest however confine your answer to avail better opportunities. If the reason you left is a negative one, be tactful in your response.
3.  What are your weaknesses?
Do not list all Read More »

Africa Oil Week & The Situation in Mozambique

My extensive travelling continues as I begin my write up for our November 2013 edition from 30 000 feet in the air. I am on my way to JHB for two days of back-to-back meetings. I return to DBN for 4 days before I board a plane again to JHB to attend a good friend’s wedding, and another 2 days of meetings before I head back to DBN.

The highlight for the month to come, and I will share my experience Read More »

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